Growing together with OPTOTECH

A practical, down-to-earth corporate culture and a genuine passion for light have made OPTOTECH what it is today. The traits that characterize OPTOTECH employees – integrity, practicality, friendliness and open-mindedness – are an important part of our competitive edge. That’s the reason why OPTOTECH has been able to maintain a consistent track record of success in the optoelectronic sector and win the trust of our customers.
If you are an outgoing, enthusiastic, quick-minded person, then why not achieve your personal growth with OPTOTECH, working together with us to achieve outstanding results and build a better future.

OPTOTECH offers comprehensive salary and benefits. Working at OPTOTECH not only enables your professional expertise, but also enjoys work-life balance.

  • Mid-year bonus/ Annual bonus
  • Employee Stock Ownership Trust
  • Employee dividends (When company obtain profit annually, 10-20% of the profit will be allocate into dividends.)
  • Shift Differential/ Full-attendance bonus/ Production bonus
  • Insurance: Except of labor/ health insurance, we also provide free group policy, which includes life insurance/ accident insurance/ major sickness insurance/ Hospitalized insurance/ Cancer insurance.
  • Retirement:Allocates Labor Retirement Reserve Fund by month.
  • Free parking space
  • Uniform
  • Staff canteen
  • Annual health examination
  • Employee of the Month/ Year
  • Travel Allowance
Welfare Committee
  • Mid-autumn festival/ Dragon boat festival/ Labor Day/ Birthday voucher
  • Association allowance
  • Wedding/ Funeral/ Marital subsidy
  • Appointed Stores
  • Clubs
  • Discounted Movie Tickets