In the last 30 years, OPTOTECH has been winning customers' faith in our brands with most requirements-specific solutions based on our full devotion and comprehensive resources and continuous innovation. Through our customers' powerful creativity and design strength, OPTOTECH's products, from components to finished goods, have been applied in daily life and sold to the whole world.

To welcome the generation of fundamental requirements in green energy, low carbon and energy savings, OPTOTECH shall strive to enhance its integration solution to come up with smart and energy saving LED products to provide customers with the most efficient services and products as well as to meet consumers' desires for a safe and comfortable life. OPTOTECH is devoted to face the global trend of "LOHAS, environmental protection, and planet earth friendliness".
  • 1980s

    Founded in 1983, OPTOTECH pioneered the wafer and grain dicing sector of the LED industry in Taiwan since its early start-up period.

  • 1990s

    When the Taiwanese LED industry shifted its focus to the upper stream production of Epitaxial, OPTOTECH led the application sector with large sized LED displays to broaden its product family. It also started to enter the global market during this period.

  • 2000s

    Expand cooperation with Nichia and Hitachi Metals into a materials supply partnership. Being authorized as the exclusive chip manufacturer of Nichia in Taiwan for grain products without any patent breaching.

  • 2010s

    Addressing the global trends in green energy and environment, OPTOTECH enters the LED lighting system integration and development by combining existing techniques in optoelectronic, sensor, applications, and applying for the development of the next generation materials and packaging skills.