We take our customers’ requirements very seriously. OPTOTECH’s commitment to product quality, environmental protection and product safety is reflected in our six-stage quality management operations and in the international environmental protection certification that OPTOTECH has been awarded. As part of the “green industry” movement, OPTOTECH continues to promote and implement environmental initiatives as an integral part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

Do the Superior Quality; Sustainable Environment Protection; Create Friendly Workplace

For life coexistence and responsibility for customers and Understanding the organization and its environmental and safety context, we are doing our best to make the best products, environmental protection, safety and health control and so on. In addition, we also emphasize on continued technological processes and improvements in efficiency of operational activities, which can improve the quality, prohibit and reduce the waste, economize the power. Construction of friendly workplace, health management implementation, protection of staff physical and mental health. Further, creating a sustainable development and environment are our terminal goal.

Put Demands into Effect; Unroll the Achievements; Encourage Communication and Participation

Due to the education, and harmonious communication, staffs are more familiar with the awareness and participation on the importance of the product quality, environmental, safety & health performance. Besides, staffs further understand and obey the related regulations on products and the environment, leading to make satisfied products and even exceed expectation of customers and interested parties, and safe and unpolluted environment. Finally, as the above shown, we can further promote and show the achievements of the management system.